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Trump Presidency will Create Mutants
When you think that you have heard it all, especially when it comes to Trump Derangement Syndrome, someone from the intelligentsia comes along and blows our minds.
A "professor" from the University of Washington’s earth and space sciences department by the …
Five Possible Meanings Of The Word Covfefe
In case you missed it, President Donald Trump early Wednesday morning sent out a tweet that simply read;
Despite the Negative Press Covfefe
It was deleted a few hours later, and the President subsequently tweeted this;
Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe"
Trumps Vision Our Vision is Not Dead
All weekend all I heard is about is how President Trump’s agenda is mortally damaged, President Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s relationship is over, how can the Republicans govern, President Trump is now going to turn to the Democrats to push his agenda...

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