Viral videos.  Viral pictures.  Viral stories.  They're everywhere.  And once discovered, just as the name implies, they spread like a chest cold at a pre-school.  

The problem is, many, if not MOST of them B.S.  Errors.  Misunderstandings. Photoshop jobs.(A lot of bad ones to boot)  And in some cases downright lies, intended to mislead or to promote a position or agenda.

Once viewed, many otherwise honest and upstanding people pass these posts on not because THEY are trying to do anything untoward, they (us, me) were simply mislead as well.  And doesn't it drive you crazy, that after a while, it seems like every third post on Facebook is the SAME image or video?

In an effort to---well, I'm not really sure of what my motivation is here, I found the following at CRACKED.COM. The editors there looked at some of the most viral of recent viral images, and give you the REAL story behind them.

See how many you remember and passed on.

The 22 Most Misleading Viral Photos (Explained)