Battle Creek Police Chief Jackie Hampton is stepping down, after 27 years of service.   Hampton started out as a patrol officer and became Chief in early 2010, succeeding Chief David Headings. 
According to a memo released to staff Wednesday, Chief Hampton will be leaving the department at the end of the month.  In the course of the memo to staff, Hampton also added that he had hoped to retire "some time ago," but that he chose to stay in order to address the allegations of corruption that were leveled at the department last year.Chief Hampton noted in his memo that there wasn't a single murder in the City of Battle Creek in 2013, and he expressed his pride in his staff for an accomplishment that had not reached  "for 47 years."He has been with the department for nearly 27 years, and worked his way up from patrol officer to his current position.
Battle Creek Commissioner Mark Behnke says the Chief's decision is no surprise. He says  Chief Hampton has been talking about retirement for some time, and will be eligible for retirement on February 1st.   "Without a doubt, we're going to miss an individual that for 27 years protected and served the City of Battle Creek., " said Behnke.