In The Godfather, Don Vito Corleone does this when he pledges that he will no longer wage war against the other families, avenging the death of his son, Santino.

And I guess it worked, as there was no more bloodshed...well, until the Baptism scene where Michael wipes out ALL his enemies, but that's besides the point.

What the Don did was place his hand on his heart as he made his pledge to the group. Insignificant you say?  Well, according to a new study, you're more likely to believe what someone says if they have their HAND over their HEART.

And that's a good instinct . . . because people ARE more likely to tell the truth when they have their hand over their heart.  The study also found we're less likely to believe someone if they have their hand on their hip.  So---don't do that.   And for heaven sake, don't scratch or pull your underwear out of your crackage area.  That's just creepy whether you're telling the truth or lying through your teeth.  That's why they make a bathroom.  But again, that's besides the point.

So now, you have a simple, handy body language trick to make people believe you!  You know, besides actually being trustworthy.  That would help too.  Truth is sexy.

There's one caveat to all of this:  Like most things in life, if you're good looking, none of it matters.

In the study, people were ALWAYS more likely to believe what attractive people said, regardless of what they were doing with their hands.  Sigh...

So, for the rest of us that were not blessed with good looks or for that matter a fully functioning brain, we need to at least remember that to have any chance of being believed in a given situation, to put our hands up over our hearts.

And to conclude our electronic get together, I leave you with something that just cracked me up.  Can't explain why.  Just did.  Maybe you'll get a chuckle as well.

Supercut of Christopher Walken Dancing in Movies


BLURB: What’s better than having Christopher Walken in a movie? Having Mr. Walken dancing in said movie.