Reddit users take to the internet to heap ridicule on Detroit, Little Caesar's and corporate greed.

WXYZ-TV via YouTube

Disbelief, outrage and ridicule are the currency of the internet and Reddit users didn't hold back their thoughts on the name of the Detroit Red Wings new home.

Of course many thought it should be called "Hockeytown Arena" or named after Gordie Howe. (Caesars Palace has already been taken.) Some of my Facebook friends suggested $5 tickets and wondered it they would play open-air hockey or if the arena would come with one topping.

Reddit, is of course, an internet gathering place for many opinions fueled by Red Bull, testosterone, sarcasm and misinformation (it's a lot of fun, you should check it out).

Some Reddit users thought it should at least be called Little Caesars Colosseum because, you know, history. The "Detroit Is Actually Coming Back Arena" was a suggestion as well as naming it for the patron Illitch family and shortening it to "The Itch."

Others voted for the "Deep Dish Dome" and one person concluded "Little Caesars Pizzarena" would have been incredible.

I agree.

The funniest comment, in my opinion, comes from Reddit user RockStar50 who made this analysis a year ago:

If they call the new arena "Little Caesars Arena" can we all agree to call it "The Pizza Hut"?

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