What’s in a name?

If it’s the task of choosing a name for your baby, more thought will probably be given, considering family heritage and a name with which your child will have to deal with for the rest of their lives.

They will have to put up with people being able to pronounce the name, trying to spell the name and having to fill-out forms with enough spaces for the name.

Picking a name for your dog, is some-what more simple.

According to the Associated Press, The New York City Health Department announced Wednesday that it registered 1,127 dogs named Bella and 1,073 named Max in 2015.

Bella has been the city's most popular dog name since 2008. That's when the last of Stephenie Meyer's vampire-themed "Twilight" novels featuring heroine Bella Swan was published.

The Health Department says it licensed 27 dogs named Bean, 17 dogs named Raisin and 15 dogs named Potato last year.

A total of 605 licensed dogs answered to Daisy, the most popular flower name. There were also 10 Tulips, four Primroses and two Daffodils.

Names that were popular with certain breeds included Snoopy for beagles and Tyson for boxers.

The American Kennel Club has its own list of 2015 favorites, with the number one favorite name for male dogs being Tucker. The number one name for female dogs was Bailey.

The web site bowwow.com says that it seems that most people name their dog in a way that relates to the owner’s choice of what they would have liked for themselves, or to the appearance of the dog.

When all is said and done, the chore of naming your dog, over your child, will be less stressful, considering that the dog could care less, “just pet me…give me treat…”.

The child will remind you, to your dying day, of the grief they put up with, from day-to-day, with the world trying to decipher their name and pronunciation.

The moral of the story: Be artsy with your dog and compassionate with your kids.