Wayne County Executive Warren Evans is working to rally municipalities across Michigan to bring pressure on Lansing over revenue sharing - or lack of it.

Evans, elected Wayne County Executive 18 months ago, called the existing system "broken" during his 2016 State of the County Address, and is reaching out around the state to rally support for dialogue on the issue.

Evans tells WBCK the "Investing in Michigan Communities: Finding Fair Funding for Strong, Successful Communities" initiative is in the information gathering stages now. A series of summits with his out-state counterparts, he hopes, will eventually put pressure on lawmakers to work on better revenue sharing outcomes.

The latest summit, set for Thursday, July 19, 2016, includes Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss and other experts. According to Evans' office, the summits are "designed to educate participants" on the existing system and "examine past proposals to fix the system and discuss possible solutions."

Hear Evans' comments by clicking the player below.

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