Meet sweet, cuddly Julian, this week's Wiggly Tail Wednesday pet of the week from the Humane Society of South Central Michigan.

Every once in a while at HSSCM, they meet a pet whose history is hard to pin down, which can even mean - in Julian's case - it's hard to even know their breed. You can see his facial features suggest Shar Pei. Unlike most of that "wrinkly" breed, you don't, however, see the wrinkles all over Julian's body. So, it's likely he's a mix of some sort.

Julian and his brother Jonah were being given away - free - in a supermarket parking lot. Both dogs have unclear histories prior to that, though as they have begun to develop, it's clear they may have some neurological issues. Julian, when standing, swings his head back and forth as though he's shaking his head at times - but experts say he's actually having trouble focusing on one thing.

The Humane Society says Julian is a classic example of what can happen when animals are not spayed or neutered in a timely manner to prevent overpopulation and potential inbreeding.


Humane Society experts tell WBCK Julian is a loving dog who loves to cuddle and play, though his potential neurological issues will require a special owner who is prepared to help provide the attention Julian needs. It will also require a good relationship with a veterinarian who can assist with care and advice.

Nevertheless, Julian is an adoptable pet, and will thrive in an environment with a caring owner and a fenced yard. He'll even mingle well with other dogs and cats.Click through for more info on Julian and the Humane Society adoption process.

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