To say that I've had more than a few "careers" is a tad of an understatement.

Let's see.  There's the radio and TV thing.  The Calhoun County Circuit Court and the Clerk-Register of Deeds.  Taught communication classes at Davenport College.  Worked at a lumber yard, sold cars, worked in the funeral profession.  I've learned how to prepare court transcripts.  And now, my next career adventure is about to begin!  Some background.

Teresa LOVES the art of food.  It's development.  It's preparation.  It's presentation.  And she's always dreamed of having some manner of food business.  It is something that truly makes her happy.  And now, it looks like it's going to happen.

We'd like you to meet, Yaya's Artisan Breads.  (Zyvah wound up coming up with the name this morning!)  For some time now, Teresa has been developing and testing various bread recipes, with her own unique twists.  Breads like, Feta Cheese and Spinach.  Rosemary bread.  Chocolate (really) bread.  Spinach and Dried Tomato.  And what appears to be an early hit, White Chocolate and Cranberry.  YUM to the 10th power.  (And, it makes the house smell really great!)

Now, here's where I come in.  Your writer been pressed into action (actually I volunteered) as the Baker's Apprentice.  I gave myself that title, because I thought it sounded cool and I assumed I got a cool chef's hat to wear.  That last part was incorrect.  (But I DO have to wear some kind of hat during preparation, following the Michigan Cottage Foods Law and Health Department regulations to the "T")

Thus far I have learned how to prepare the dough, how long to leave the dough to rise, when to bake, what to do post-bake, and most importantly NOT TO EAT the product.  (Tonya would kill me to boot!)

If we could ever get anyone at the Springfield Farmer's Market to return a phone call, we'd like to be there on Saturday mornings to sell our wares.   And it figures, that we'd love for you to stop in as well.  I'll update to let you know if we wind up there on THIS Saturday.

Wish us luck!

(Oh, yeah.  Does anyone have a large-capacity oven they'd like to sell?  No.  I'm serious.)