Kellogg Community College will continue to go the extra mile for low-income, first-generation and disabled students, after continuing federal funding. On Tuesday, KCC reports that as the recipient of a $2.1 million grand funding KCC’s Center for Student Success, they can continue to offer services to more students. The funds will also partially fund five regular CSS centered employees, assisting up to 250 additional students per year.

The Center for Student Success at KCC administers the College’s disability services, programs, allocates Special Populations and Student Support Services grant aid to eligible students and provides testing, tutoring and other free educational services to the KCC community, including services related to accounting, communication, English and writing, math, office information technology, study skills and more.

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The announced, TRIO Student Support Services Grant was most recently awarded to KCC in September, but KCC has been implementing specialized support services for students for the past several decades. The most recent funding cycle began in September 2015.

According to Center for Student Success Director Holly McKee:

"The Center for Student Success is thrilled to once again be entrusted to administer the TRIO Student Support Services grant. Over the years, the SSS grant has enabled KCC to provide specialized services designed specifically for low-income, first-generation and/or disabled students to thousands of students. As research has shown, these students have additional barriers to academic completion. The staff of the CSS will continue to work hard to help participants mitigate these barriers so they can achieve their goals at KCC and beyond."

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