If you're like me, then your relationship with bugs is simple - don't touch me. I'm scared of spiders, but I'll put them outside if they'll allow me to. I leave bugs alone if I'm outside.

Touch me though, and we have serious problems little bug.

That is, of course, with the understanding that these bugs can't kill.

Don't get it twisted, I hate bugs, so any bug that can threaten my personal well-being, well, let's just say I'm not a fan of their simple existence.

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The bugs I'm writing about today are in fact some of the deadliest in the world and an uncomfortable amount of them can be found in Michigan one way or another.

Field and Stream has a recent article detailing the 12 deadliest "insects" in the world, but admitted to using the term loosely as the list does include spiders and scorpions.

It should equally be explained that not all of the bugs that can be found in Michigan from this list are native to the state. Some are considerably more rare than others. Furthermore, most found in Michigan have deadly reputations despite statistics proving otherwise, and most are deadly because of diseases they have a chance of carrying.

The four from the list Michiganders won't ever have to worry about in their backyard are the Tsetse FlyIndian Red Scorpion (except as a pet, maybe), Deathstalker Scorpion, and certain species of bees and ants (yes, ants.)

The Brazilian Wandering Spider is one exception that I won't include on the list found in Michigan because it's only by pure chance that it could end up in your groceries as it is only found outside of Brazil when it mistakenly travels with banana shipments. The odds are just too low to have any concern over this monstrous, and deadly, arachnid.

So which ones can be found in Michigan?

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