I don't travel too far out of state very often, but I did live in New England a long while ago. And, I know a fair amount of people who aren't from Michigan.

It seems they always have a few questions about the ole MItten, and they sometimes seem a little silly! Here are a few:

Why is your accent so nasally?

I'm infatuated with accents, and I remember asking my mother when i was young "Do we have an accent?"

"NO," she said.

Turns out, we really do. It seems to be a mixture of the Minnesotan, Illinois and Canadian accents. Can you translate this?

"I looked in the meer before I drank my melk and went to Meijers."

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What the heck does "pop" mean?

We aren't all that weird because we call soft drinks in this state "pop" instead of something else. In fact, pop makes a lot of sense as opposed to "Coke" - even if you want a Sprite; or a Pepsi, like they do down south!

And incidentally, Michiganders know their soft drinks; can you say Faygo? Vernors?!

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How could Michigan have more shoreline than California?

If you're just glancing at a map,Cali's shoreline seems pretty straightforward - and long! But, Michigan's freshwater shoreline is the biggest in the United States! It's overall coast is second only to Alaska, according to Michigan.gov.

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Wasn't President Gerald Ford from Michigan?

Well, he wasn't born in Michigan. He was actually born in Nebraska. But, he moved to Michigan soon after, and grew up in Grand Rapids. He attended U of M, and came back to Grand Rapids after his Navy service in World War II. You can see his White House bio here.

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Madonna-with-the-occasional-English-accent isn't really from Michigan, is she?

She most certainly is. Born August 16, 1958 in Bay City, where the family is said to have been visiting relatives. They actually lived in Pontiac, and Madonna eventually attended Rochester Adams High School and University of Michigan, according to biography.com.

While some might say her occasional English accent gives them the cobbywobbles (Google it), she might say THEY are the ones a little "off one's trolley!"

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