So many, and I would even go so far as to say too many people who live in the United States ask the government to pay something for them. Remember when I say the government I mean us the American people, at least us who pay Federal income tax.

According to a report published by the Internal Revenue Service for the tax year 2014, the federal government extracted a record $1,377,797,136,000 in individual income taxes from us.

The IRS also reported that in 2014 148,606,578 individual income tax returns were filed. The problem we have is of those 148,606,578 individual income tax returns 52,062,499 of them paid ZERO net individual income taxes, the IRS calls these returns “nontaxable returns".

That is 35% of all tax returns filed. How are we suppose to pay for all the things some Americans are asking for us taxpayers to pay when so many of us, at least 35% in 2014, pay no Federal income tax at all.

Something has to change my fellow Americans.

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