Democrat Jim Haadsma and Republican Dave Morgan were back together on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins for a second time.  They restated some of their positions on issues, but also talked about some things that we didn't get to in their previous appearance.

Morgan explains why he switched from the Democratic to the Republican party, saying "I didn't really leave the Democratic Party---they left me."  Morgan went on to note that Ronald Reagan, also a Union leader made that switch, and that Battle Creek's Joe Schwarz switched from Republican to Independent.   "I would say those are both great leaders with a lot of integrity and I think it takes a lot of courage to do that (switch parties).

Haadsma said he wants to work in the legislature to bring manufacturing jobs and renewable energy industry to Battle Creek.   He also puts a priority on roads, bridges and clean water.

Both candidates agree that the way we fund and maintain roads needs to change and improve.  Haadsma talked about working more efficiently and partnering with other counties and municipalities when it makes sense.  Morgan says we need to allow townships to have more say in the road funding process.

But perhaps where the candidates disagree most strongly are on the Michigan Ballot Proposals. Morgan opposes all three.  Haadsma supports all three.  Check out the YouTube video to hear their reasons. 



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