David Renkiewicz, better known to 95.3 WBCK listeners as Renk, passed away on April 17, 2023, following a battle with cancer at 59 years old. On May 19, 2023, the WBCK family, including curent and previous hosts and our faithful listeners, contributed to a 3-hour Live with Renk Tribute Show to celebrate the life and legacy of the talented man that filled the Battle Creek airwaves with his unique take on talk radio entertainment.

During the show, former WBCK Brand Manager Tim Collins and the host of Community Matters Richard Piet hosted the tribute special, opening up the phone lines to Renk's audience to reminisce on his show. Live with Renk was live in Battle Creek for 15 years.

A career in radio is not an easy one, regardless of the generation. Renk had a different break into the business than most, according to Collins, who played a critical role in bringing Renk to the airwaves.

"He didn't go to broadcasting school," Collins said at the top of the show. "He was a news junkie and a talk radio fan."

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Renk often had to wear many hats, not only hosting his own show as it grew, but also prepping and producing, operating the soundboard, scheduling his own guests and even screening his own callers at times. As Townsquare Media evolved into a digital approach, Renk took on writing as well.

Throughout the special, you'll hear some of Renk's most famous bits, promos, interviews and more.

We at WBCK were proud to welcome in Joel Fulton and Renk's wife, Amy, into the studio as well.

The Live with Renk Facebook page is still selling "Renk On" bracelets and select t-shirts, the proceeds of which will go to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. These items are in limited and short supply and are gone for good once they are sold out.

You can also view Renk's visitation proceedings, which were streamed on the Facebook page as well.

You can listen to the entire Live with Renk Tribute Show below.

Thank you to our listeners for your voicemails and call-ins for the tribute, as well as your passion to listen to Renk for so many years. A special thank you to Tim Collins, Richard Piet, Brad Carpenter, Jim Mead, Joel Fulton and of course, Renk's wife, Amy, for their roles in putting this tribute together.

And thank you to Renk for entertaining the Battle Creek audience for years. Rest in Peace, Renk.

WBCK Remembers Radio Talk Host David "Renk" Renkiewicz

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