Who knew that a craving for Faygo Soda Pop could make men commit crimes?

It started back in 1907 in Detroit when bakers Ben and Perry Feigenson, began transforming their frosting flavors into the Faygo pop we love today. Years later, the brothers masterpiece of sweet soda caused men to break the law for a taste.

It turned ugly in Tarrant, Alabama the other night. Mlive is reporting that...

A trio of sugar-craving thieves used a truck to pull the door off an Alabama convenience store, but stole only a 12-pack of Faygo.

According to Police, 3 men attached a chain to their pick-up truck and ripped the front door off a Big Boys convenience store. Surveillance footage shows one of the males entering the store and walking out with a 12-pack of Faygo.

I think we can all agree that Faygo is so yummy with 50 flavors to choose from, but breaking and entering for a $3.00 case of pop is a tad crazy!

The bandits made a clean escape and anyone with information on the suspects in the case are asked to contact the Tarrant Police Department at 205-849-2811.

Check out the Faygo Heist...

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