This can be downright creepy, unless you're a geologist.

In El Cajon Bay, just off the shores of Alpena, is a HUGE underwater sinkhole.

Being the outlet of an underground stream, the water in this sinkhole never freezes or diminishes. Sometimes during seasons when the water level is low, people can walk right up to the sinkhole's edge. It could also be a sulphur pit, as the water has a rather sulphury smell.

People who canoe or kayak over the sinkhole get a feeling of dread when they reach the edge of the sinkhole, noticing the sharp, sudden dropoff that turns the water an inky black.

One of the videos below has a kayaker going over the sinkhole; at around 14:10, he reaches the rim, and you can almost feel the dread as you watch. Yeah. It's a little scary.

Check out the photos & videos below!



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