A funny thing happens when we get older. We fall into that mindset - you know the one - where we say "things aren't like they used to be in the good old days"!

We used to roll our eyes and profess that we would never feel that way when WE got older.

How's that going for you?!

I got to laughing about it when I came across a mostly lighthearted jab at today's young people, written from the angle of most of us who grew up in the 1980's. Highoctanehumor.com's "17 Reasons Kids from the 80's are Tougher Than Kids Today" is a funny look at how kids back then rode in the back of pickup trucks, didn't wear seatbelts, were exposed to second-hand smoke (mostly from our parents) and ran around playing lawn darts - and our survival makes us tougher than kids today.

What do you think? Are we tougher than kids today? Or are we just starting to grouse like Grandpa as we get older?!

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