The somewhat clear skies of Michigan are offering a celestial event, Friday evening, that can relieve some of that cabin fever. Just after sunset, Venus comes into conjunction with the Pleiades, a small star cluster in the western sky. It will be easy to spot, just look west and the brightest spot in the sky is Venus.

The comet Atlas is also approaching that area of the heavens. It may be seen by the naked eye, around April 30th, as the Covid-19 virus is expected to peak. Atlas is surrounded by an eerie green glow that trails its path when viewed through a telescope.

The combination of the two events may seem ironic, occurring during the pandemic. Often astronomical events, such as the appearing of comets and conjunctions, are seen as a sign of an important event in the Hebrew Scriptures. Passover also takes place, during this time. Passover is celebrated in remembrance of when God instructed the Hebrews to shelter within their homes as the "Death Angel" slew the firstborn throughout the land of Egypt. Meanwhile, mankind is instructed to harbor at home while the current Covid-19 virus roams the land.

Tonight's pleasant temperature and fairly clear skies create great viewing conditions and the perfect event for a little homeschooling with the family.

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