We’re not hoping for a blizzard like the one in ’67, or ’78.  Usually, the only people hoping for a mammoth blizzard, like those, are kids who hope for a few days off from school.   Well, about the only thing we’ve had less of this year than snow, is school!    But it would be great to see a few snowmen pop up.  Not an army of them.   Just one would be nice.   Even just an inch or two of fresh snow sure would provide some window dressing for what has seemed like the bleakest of January.

My dog, Mugsie, likes to eat snow.   Right now, he looks at the crusty and dirty stuff, then looks at me with disdain, pees on it, and goes back in the house.   What little snow we have is definitely not eating snow---not even for a dog.

And this, of all winters, in the middle of a pandemic where sledding, skiing, and snowmobiling are some of the few things we’re allowed to do!  It’s just not right.  And think of the operators of resorts and ski lodges.  How will they survive?   Did Mother Nature get COVID-19?   Or maybe, like a lot of us, she’s just hiding out.

So how much snow didn’t we get?  Western Michigan University posted figures from October 1998 to the present.

  • The average snowfall for November is 6 inches.  The most was 23.2.  We got 1.5.
  • The average snowfall for December is 19 inches.   The most was 46.6.  We got 5.7.
  • The average snowfall for January is 21.7 inches.  The most was 42.8.  So far, we’ve had 2.

And as of this writing, on January 11th, there’s just a trace of snow in the forecast for Central Michigan for the next week.  Not a trace of sunshine either.

So, we thought we’d feature some photos of some past Michigan winters.   Not any crazy blizzard photos.   Just the usual Michigan snapshots that make it a little easier to wait out winter, and remind us that there are good things in every Michigan season.  These were captured by talented Battle Creek photographer Drake Olmstead.   Thanks, Drake.  He sells these images and many more at his website, Images by Drake.

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Michigan Winter Scenes by Drake

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