Arlene, Michigan is another one of our small towns that sits quietly alone in the Missaukee County countryside.

In the 1870s, a general store began operations by a Mr. Combs at what is now the intersection of Walker Road and N. Lucas Road.

The Combs had lost a daughter due to illness, and they decided to name this new community after her --- Arlene.

In the next few years, this little community grew with more businesses: a blacksmith, church, creamery, gym, ice house, parsonage, post office, sawmill, and school. The creamery was replaced by the Caldwell Township Hall, which remains at the intersection.

In the late 1920s the community of Arlene began declining. Today it’s a shell of its former self, with all the original businesses having vanished. Arlene still has a few residents, the town hall, and one or two more original buildings showing that this little community once showed promise of growth.



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