A school in Homer was shut down on Monday, in response to an armed man, walking the streets of downtown Homer, Michigan. Several parents, children and school staff were kept waiting as Calhoun County Sheriff deputies were called upon. According to a press release from the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office on Monday, the incident took place around 2:30 PM, Monday afternoon. Calhoun County Sheriff’s deputies responded to reports of a white man, wearing camouflage with an AR15 strapped across his chest and two pistols under his belt.

According to authorities, the man was spotted walking in downtown Homer and throughout residential neighborhoods. The incident took place around the end of the school day for one local school, and it was put on lockdown. Deputies made contact with the man who began recording the incident. He told them that he was conducting a 2nd Amendment audit.

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After making contact, deputies explained that the man’s actions were keeping a local school under lock down. Because it was so near their release time, the incident meant greater bus traffic and general confusion as parents and students were waiting to figure out their rides home. When deputies explained this to the man, he cooperated with them and Homer Community Schools was able to lift the lockdown.

Other than the lockdown itself, there have been no other negative consequences from the incident. No other information has been made available. The original story can be found online, on the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, Facebook page.

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