The city of Baltimore remains on high alert, with multiple protests leading to clashes between citizens and police in the aftermath of the death in police custody of 25-year-old Freddie Gray. His funeral was held on Monday, attended mostly by family and friends, but also by community and political leaders, national activists and even a delegation from the White House.

Two days before the funeral, Gray's twin sister, Fredericka, urged people to remain calm. "Freddie Gray would not want this," she said. "Freddie’s father and mother does not want the violence." Though many of the protests were peaceful, violence has erupted in certain neighborhoods over the last few days.

Police issued a press release citing a "credible threat" to law enforcement: that of neighborhood gangs joining together to "take out" police. NBC has reported that at least seven officers have been injured; no word yet on any harm suffered by protestors.

CBS Baltimore is offering a live stream of coverage here, and Baltimore Sun reporter Erica L. Green has been keeping a Twitter diary of on-the-street info:

Gray died on April 19 from a spinal cord injury after being driven in a police paddywagon. He was fine at the time of his arrest. Baltimore police are conducting an investigation into what exactly happened that led to his death; the officers involved have been suspended.


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