You read that correctly.  Now the Democrats are looking to ban discrimination against people’s hairstyles.  Could this get any hairier?

This my friends is just down right funny and once again proves that the left are really not that serious of people when it comes to politics and the problems our country is truly facing.  They are worried enough about discrimination against hairstyles to actually spend taxpayers time and money on it.

For those that might be saying well Renk this is important to people who are discriminated against due to their hairstyle.  I say this: did you ever think that by calling attention to this potential employers will simply not offer them the job and not tell them if they cut their hair or whatever the issue they have with their hair they will have a job?

Also why can’t someone who is going to pay you to work not set certain rules on the way you represent their company to their potential clients?  What is next, are states or cities going to ban a company for requiring an employee to bath once in a while.

Oh and before you tell me what about weight, weight is much harder to control then your hair.  People with weight issues should not be discriminated against, I once had a weight issue until I went through the greatest fat burning plan on the planet and that is My Pure Health Solutions.

The Daily Caller is reporting that New York City will ban all discrimination based on someone’s hairstyle.  The City is not worried about white people’s hairstyle, they are moving on this ban wagon because they believe that black people are discriminated against due to their hair style.

Again I am not saying that people are not being discriminated against because of their, shall we say unique hairstyles.  I am saying that these jobs will not be offered to these people and they will not be told the real truth.  Perhaps these people would like those jobs and to get it they would not mind being told of a dress or appearance code when it comes to hairstyle.

I am follically challenged and due to that I would probably not be asked to be a male model on the cover of GQ or any other magazine, can I sue?

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