When I was a teenager I did not like – or want – haircuts. I wanted my hair long like my favorite rock stars.

But parents usually didn't agree with this way of thinking...nor did school officials who demanded you get your hair cut shorter or wear a short hairpiece...or worse yet, a hairnet.

I never went for the hairpiece, or a hairnet...but I went through enough squabbles with my dad about my hair, and disdain from the local barber who absolutely hated any male teen with long hair. By today's standards, it wasn't even long. You could see my ears, and even the back of my neck. But what would one expect, growing up in a small town?

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School suggestions?
If it touches your collar, cut it.
If it touches your ears, cut it.
If it's near your eyes, cut it.

We'd hear the typical snarky remarks, “why dontcha get a haircut?”, “are you a boy or a girl?”, “hey honey”, etc. even when hair was far from touching the shoulders.

When I worked in a grocery store, I was told to get a very short haircut, like what the regional manager had (almost down to the skin). I refused, quit, and went to work somewhere else. The times I did go to the barber, I was always being checked on to see if I actually went. The fight for hair freedom back when I was a kid was so ridiculous.

That being said, no, I do not have anything against barbers...never did, unless they are against you for having your hair the way you want it. These days, I'd be extremely grateful for that head of hair I once had.

So with all my raving done, I am presenting a photo gallery of many of Michigan's barber shops (tonsorials), going back well over 100 years. Enjoy the ride!



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Michigan Lawyers, 1855-1940S

Michigan Grocers, 1900-1960s

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