73 years and counting.  This Saturday, the Augusta Barn Theatre starts up again, continuing a tradition that spans several generations and has seen some of the world's top actors getting their start, and often coming back to the Barn stage.  The Barn's Gala Benefit performance is June 1st at 8pm.

Barn Theatre owners Brendan Ragotzy and Penelope Alex were guests on the WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins to talk about the upcoming season and some new things at the Barn.

One new thing is a "Wall of Fame".   The list of "Barnies" that have gone on to success is a long one.  Two of them return for major performances this summer.  "Guiding Light" stars Robert Newman and Kim Zimmer will be a "Big" part of the season.  Newman will play the role of the toy company owner that dances on the floor piano with Tom Hanks in the movie "Big".  In addition to "Big: The Musical." , Newman will co-star with Alex in "Sweeney Todd", the Sondheim classic.  Zimmer will star in "Steel Magnolias", along with local TV and Radio personality Lori Moore.

Jennifer Garner, Dana Delany, Tom Wopat, Barbara Marineau, Becky Ann Baker, Sames B. Sikking, Jonathan Larson, Marin Mazzie Stephen Lynch and Eric Peterson---just to name a few.

In the interview, Tim Collins asks about a TV appearance by the first Barnie, his dad and founder of the Barn Theatre, Jack Ragotzy.  Check out two minutes into the video for the story about what went wrong on that episode of "The Virginian".

Also coming this season will be improvements and expansions of the "Rehearsal Shed Lounge" including a kitchen and limited menu.

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