Leaders at the Battle Creek Air National Guard Base have announced the addition of 34 new jobs. It’s part of a new assignment directed by the Air Force Chief of Staff supporting a Joint Task Force capable headquarters. Col. Bryan Teff, base commander says this is their second assignment of an additive mission in less than three years, something the base hasn’t seen in many decades.

“We are extremely excited and honored to be standing up another new mission at Battle Creek Air National Guard Base,” - Col. Bryan Teff, base commander

The new jobs add to a string of new opportunities for the base that was once scheduled to close. Through a strong grassroots campaign, local leaders helped preserve the base as a site for Air Force “future missions.”  Base leaders say the organization’s future is secure due to the exceptional drive and skill of its airmen.

“Battle Creek received this Joint Task Force mission because we had people with the right experience who were willing to help. There will be opportunities for airmen already serving with us, and also for highly-qualified individuals who may not otherwise be drawn to Battle Creek.” - Lt. Col. T.J. Brennan, director of operations, 217th Air Component Operations Squadron.

The augmentation is being split between Battle Creek and two other units – the 113th Wing in Washington, D.C, and the 174th Attack Wing Syracuse, New York. Leaders expect recruiting and implementation for the mission will begin almost immediately.

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