The Battle Creek Central High School Field House, formerly the Sanitarium Union building, opened for public inspection on February 23, 1960.  It had been owned by the US Government, as part of Percy Jones Army Hospital, and was known as the Reconditioning building.  (note the wrong name on the postcard below).

Reconditioning Building, Percy Jones General Hospital-Willard Library Lassen Colleciton

When the Army declared the building as surplus it was purchased by the Battle Creek Public Schools and an extensive renovation was done in 1959.  The gym was remodeled at cost of $258,000.

Sanitarium Union Building2-Willard Library

With the completion of the field house, gym classes now included swimming and bowling.  The gym located in the high school building became the Bearcat Room, and was used for dances and for after school club meetings.

Sanitarium Union Building Bowling Alleys-Willard Library Lassen Collection

The structure at 162 Champion Street was built in 1928, when the Towers addition to the world famous Battle Creek Sanitarium was constructed.  The building was originally used as a gym for Sanitarium employees and for large events.  Henry Ford came to Battle Creek to lead square dances there.  It was also the site for graduations for the Sanitarium colleges.

Sanitarium Union Building-Willard Library

The building is still used for the occasional basketball game, including the annual Chuck Turner Classic in December.  In 2017, it was used by Kellogg Community College during construction of the new Miller Gym.

The Field House has a Facebook page with some great photos and information.

Sanitarium Union Building Swimming Pool-Willard Library Lassen Collection
WBCK Photo