WBCK's Dave Eddy and Bill Gray Broadcasting from the 2005 BC Day Picnic

An 86 year tradition appears to have come to an end.   Snowbirds from Battle Creek have been gathering every February for a picnic in Lakeland, Florida since 1931. Attendance for the event, just a few years ago, was close to 1000.

The Battle Creek Day Picnic committee sent out an e-mail following last February's event, looking for support to continue the event.

The 86th Annual Battle Creek Day Picnic was held in Lakeland, FL on February 16, 2017.  A little over 100 folks from the Battle Creek area gathered together to share in a day reminiscing with fellow BC friends and neighbors, great food and some fun entertainment.  The picnic was held at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Lakeland and as always on the 3rd Thursday in February. 

Our current BC Day Picnic committee is stepping down after this year.  We all have enjoyed planning and organizing this event for the last several years but feel it's time to move on to other adventures!  We are looking for a few good people to take over the BC Day Picnic.  Currently we have two co-Chairmen, a Treasurer, a Secretary and about 8 committee members.  This is not a huge undertaking by any means...our secretary definitely has the most work involved.  But over the last several years we have decreased our mailing list by converting to email where we could and deleting where appropriate.  The hall is already reserved for February 15, 2018 in hopes a new committee will take over.  However it will have to be cancelled by November 15, 2017 if no one volunteers.  

Committee co-chair Becki Monroe tells 95.3 WBCK

"Unfortunately there was no response/interest from anyone in taking over the responsibility so there will not be an 87th Battle Creek Day Picnic.  I am very sorry that this is the outcome. "

Monroe says she has been in contact with Deb Pontoni, the Calhoun County Days chairman.  She has graciously taken our database and sent the following invitation to our BC attendees.

Here is the info:

Calhoun Days Luncheon 2018