A 35 year old Battle Creek man is on trial this week, charged with the sexual assault of an 8 year old girl, 11 years ago. The trial of Thomas Swarmes is taking place before Calhoun County Circuit Court Judge John Hallacy.  The victim of the assault is expected to take the witness stand.

The case against Swarmes is the result of work involving  Special Assistant Michigan Attorney General Michelle Richardson, and the Calhoun County Sexual Assault Rape Kit investigations. This followed the discovery of more than  1,800 untested rape kits by the office of State Attorney General.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports that in her opening statement, Richardson said the case is about a parent's nightmare, the rape of a child.

Defense attorney John Sullivan told the jury the victim has provided conflicting statements about what happened. Sullivan also questions the DNA evidence being presented in the case and challenges the accuracy of the police interview of Swarmes.

The trial is expected to continue through the end of the week.

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