The Battle Creek Public Schools Board of Education voted to approve the district’s proposed reopening plan. The plan passed on Monday Night by a 4-3 vote.

  • If Michigan remains in stage 4 of the virus, BCPS will open for in-person instruction for grades K-5 (with additional safety precautions required including facial coverings for all students and staff), and remote learning for grades 6-12 for at least the first nine weeks of school.
  • If Michigan moves back to phase 3, all schooling will be done remotely.
  • Regardless of which phase of virus recovery Michigan is in, a Virtual Academy option will be available for families who would like their children to attend school remotely for the full school year - more information about the Virtual Academy program and how to enroll will be coming out later this week.

School administrators say they believe this plan represents the best possible approach during these difficult times and gives each family choices to best fit the needs of their children.

BCPS Superintendent Kimberly Carter said, "We know it can be difficult for some students to achieve the same learning they are used to through remote schooling, and it may also present significant challenges for families.  And at the same time, we know there are families who would feel more comfortable keeping their children at home at this time.  Recognizing that there is no perfect solution for safely and effectively returning to school in the midst of an active pandemic, we are offering each family a choice to do what is best for their children's needs."

Carter said one of the keys to the plan is being ready to adapt as necessary.  "We remain committed to offering every child a quality education. We will also remain flexible and responsive to the needs of our children and our community as we continue to learn more and as the situation continues to evolve."

Click here for more information on what the return to school will look like.

Superintendent Carter will be a guest on Friday's WBCK Morning Show, at 8:07am.

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