Battle Creek Public Schools invited the public to come to their new STEM Innovation Center on Tuesday to see the students demonstrate some of the things they’re learning.   The sessions were held in the morning and afternoon.

The new school opened last fall for 6th graders.   Next year, they’ll add the 7th grade.   Applications will be taken, beginning on February 24th through April 10th.

The school's website states their mission:

At BC STEM, we strive to set our students up for a bright future. We see our students as innovators, and we empower every innovator to ask questions and explore new possibilities. Our students develop critical thinking skills to help them create real solutions to the problems that matter to our community.

Visitors on Tuesday were given a “passport” to explore various destinations and displays at the school.

  • Coding Display
  • Bridge Display
  • Morse Code Display
  • Sundial Display
  • Printing Press Display
  • Robot Display
  • Jamboard Display
  • iMovie Display
  • OEC Bulletin Board Display
  • 3D Printer Display

In case you’re wondering, a Jamboard is a new innovation that is sort of like a modern day overhead projector, but its way more advanced.

STEM school student Dorian Beattie is learning how to use them, and talks about it on this short video.

Dorian’s mom, Regina,  sent us a couple of pictures of the students in action.

The Outdoor Education Center (Clear Lake Camp for you old timers), is part of the school and brought some live critters for the day.

STEM and Outdoor Ed Ctr.
STEM and Outdoor Ed Ctr.

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