Battle Creek residents, in the area of North Avenue, may want to plan ahead for water shut-offs next weekend.

Public Works crews will be replacing water valves next weekend. This work requires two overnight water shutoffs next week, 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. Friday night, July 23, and Saturday night, July 24. City neighbors in these areas should be prepared to be without water and for a potential boil water advisory when service returns.

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Battle Creek Transit bus route 2E Emmett-East Avenue will continue its detour until crews complete this work. The bus will not service stops on North Avenue between Calhoun Street and Emmett Street. It will continue to service temporary stops both inbound and outbound near Battle Creek Central High School, West Street, and Glenwood, and West Street and Garfield Avenue.

Affected Areas of Water Shut-off

  • North Avenue, between Garfield Avenue and VanBuren Street W
  • Groveland Street, between Harvard Street and North Avenue
  • Franklin Street, between Groveland Street and Calhoun Street
  • Calhoun Street, between West Street and North Avenue
  • Harvard Street, between Calhoun Street and Frelinghuysen Avenue
  • Frelinghuysen Avenue, between Harvard Street and North Avenue
  • Capital Avenue NE, between Fremont Street and State Street W.
  • VanBuren Street W., between Division Street N. and Capital Avenue NE
  • McCamly Street N, between VanBuren Street W and North Avenue
  • Division Street N, between Mike Humes Way and VanBuren Street E
  • Anderson Court, between Harvard Street and Frelinghuysen Avenue

The affected areas can also be viewed online, using the City of Battle Creek Project Map.

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