Driving south on Westnedge the other day I saw that the former location of Theo & Stacy's on Westnedge had new signage and lots of action going on inside the building, only seeing there was a sign with pancakes on it. On the way home I stopped and saw that a new place called Berries Famous Pancake House & More will be taking over the former location, and that they're currently hiring.

Those interested in applying to work are prompted to do so via the signage within the location at 4311 S. Westnedge Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49008, Monday-Friday, from 10am-5pm. The hours currently listed for Berries Famous Pancake House is Monday through Sunday from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m.

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Back in July of the pandemic in 2020, Kalamazoo was dealt a tough blow when the Theo & Stacy's location announced on their Facebook that they would be closing the location for good:

When we closed in March due to COVID-19, we intended to reopen late summer, or as soon as the environment was safe to do so. During that time, we learned valuable life lessons and have come to realize that life is precious and our time with our friends and family is short. We spoke as family and decided that the time had come to enjoy our retirement. As such, we have decided to place our Westnedge location for sale.

Up until recently that sale had stood stagnant but it looks as though they should be opening within the next few months, as we'll be keeping an eye on the open date.

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