Next week, on March 15 Townsquare Media is holding their Job Fair  at Kalamazoo County Expo Center from 10AM to 3PM. There will be 60 employers at the event and many are ready to hire YOU on the spot. But before you show up, here are some qualities that they are looking for. 

Credit: Mark Makela / Stringer
Credit: Mark Makela / Stringer

Not too long ago you heard the general grumblings of there not being enough jobs for people who were seeking work. While this reality still exists in some form, you can also hear hiring employers making comments like "We can't find anyone who is qualified?" Well lucky for you, we have some great tips on what employers are looking for now-a-days.

Monster.Com, a leading resume and job seeker website shares some great qualities that employers are looking for, and we think you can find some ways to share these with managers at the Job Fair next week!

Show up. Give the manager at the job fair an example of how you have been a dependable person for your teams in the past. Do you follow through? Are you on time? Will you really return that email?

Be Motivated
Ask yourself, what do you do at work when left to your own devices? Are you surfing Facebook? Are you checking in with the messages on your cell phone? Or are you seeking out work and being a self starter? Many businesses are run by managers who do not want to micro manage you - they want to see that you can work on your own.

Prioritize Your Work Load
It is believed that slowly, yet surely, companies are honoring and valuing their employee's 40-50 hour work week more than ever before. While there are always times to put in your time and work over hours to get projects done, employers want to see how well you prioritize what you have in front of you. Give an example of a large of amount of work and how you got it down, or how you delegated it to someone else.

Want More Tips? 

What other things do you do before you hit a job interview? Get ready and get motivated, cause next week you could get hired by one of the 60 employers that will be at the Townsquare Media Job Fair!



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