It appears teamed up with Princeton researchers to determine who tips the best in the United States.

What did they find?

The best tippers are men who are Republican’s.  As Gomer Pyle would say: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

I thought Democrat’s care more about the working class people, guess I everyone was wrong.

The new survey found topping the list of best tippers where in the following order:

  • Men
  • Republicans
  • Northeasterners
  • Baby boomers
  • Anyone who tips with a credit or debit card

The above groups were found to leave an average tip of 20%of their total bill.  By contrast women, left an average tip of 16%, while Southerners and Democrats left 15%.

This also is in line with many years of studies that found Republican’s donate a larger percentage of their take home pay to the poor.

Oh by the way if you are thinking well maybe Democrat’s do not have as much money as Republican, remember I wrote percentage of their pay not total dollars.

Oh by the way again if you are thinking well Democrat’s do not have as much money as Republican’s so they donate more time to the poor.  Think again, those same studies have found that Republican’s donate more of their time to the poor.

Now how do you feel after being fooled by the media and politician’s from a certain party?  Stop listening to most of the media and you will be a whole lot smarter.

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