So, I'm looking to make a haircut appointment for next week, and the voice on the other end of the call says "what about Monday?". No, can't do that. It's Oberon Day. "Yeah, that's a holiday.' We both laughed.

Just as we're dealing with the crushing disappointment of snowfall on the first day of Spring, we can brush that snow off knowing that Oberon days is so close, we can all taste it.

But speaking of laughing, Bell's has something new on their website. An excuse generator. Some might say "well, it's about time".

Now, if this is your first Oberon Day, you may wonder about all the fuss. Well, it's been a long winter. (Anything over a few weeks is, by definition, a long winter.) So folks around here get a little crazy. Some people actually take the day off. Some start right at midnight. Others get in the spirit of it. Various locations have had Oberon-related products like donuts and oranges. (Gotta have the orange.)

If you need something to raise a glass to, this is the first official Oberon Day for folks in Colorado, New England and New Jersey. Cheers.








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