There's no excuse for this. A driver stopped at an intersection and then purposefully rear-ended a cyclist waiting for the light to change.

Paul Guthrie shared the harrowing experience on his Facebook page:

Beware -Black Chevy Equinox Rams Bicyclist in Kalamazoo: Today [June 11] on my commute home I was headed south on Lovers Lane and stopped at the Kilgore light. This is a designated and signed Bicycle Route in this city. I was in the right lane. The NO TURN ON RED light was on. This SUV stopped then rammed me before the light turned green. I turned around and he was violently shaking his fists and yelling. He then drove off. I was really shocked. I got out of the intersection and called the police. They came, I filed a complaint, and I turned this video over to them. Unfortunately, I did not have a front camera on, and did not catch the license plate. I was not hurt, but my fender was broken/ruined

Hopefully media coverage of the event leads police to a suspect and an arrest with serious charges.

h/t WWMT

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