At the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners Organizational Meeting on Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019, the Board welcomed two commissioners and determined this year's Chair and Vice Chair. A full list of 2019-2020 Commissioners is below.

Commissioner Rochelle Hatcher will represent District 2.

Commissioner Tommy Miller will represent District 6.

The Board voted to make Commissioner Steve Frisbie Board Chair. Frisbie serves District 2 and has served on the Board of Commissioners since 2010. He served as Vice Chair between 2013-2016.

Commissioner Kathy-Sue Vette of District 1 will serve as Vice Chair. She served as Vice Chair in 2017, and has served on the Board of Commissioners since 2012.

Calhoun County Board of Commissioners  2019-2020

District 1, Kathy-Sue Vette

District 2, Rochelle Hatcher

District 3, Jake Smith

District 4, Steve Frisbie

District 5, Derek King

District 6, Tommy Miller

District 7, Gary Tompkins

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