A visit to the Capri Drive In is a Southwest Michigan Summer tradition.

Maybe it's the snack bar, the swing set and the setting sun. Maybe it is precisely because there are so few left that we enjoy going to the drive in. Recliners and cupholders can't compete with tailgates and lawnchairs. The big screen is the BIG screen at the Capri Drive In in Coldwater and double-features are twice as nice.

It's always a sure sign that Spring is coming when they open and Winter is imminent when the snack bar shuts down for the season. Good news...Spring is coming; the Capri Drive In has just announced opening weekend of the 2018 season.

Friday 3/23 and Saturday 3/24 the Capri Drive In will screen Pacific Rim: Uprising and Insidious: The Last Key. Adult tickets are $9, kids aged 5-11 are $5 each. The box office opens at 7:30 and the movies begin after dark, usually about 8pm this time of year. Remember: the Capri is cash only, please- bring some extra for candy, hot dogs and popcorn!

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