Three Businesses That Should Go Into the Alamo/AMC Movie House
With a spirit of optimism beginning to envelop us all, what with the slow ending of the pandemic of 2020, I've turned my focus to resuscitating projects left for dead in wake of the pandemic. There are a fair number of properties that are now up for sale or lease around Kalamazoo, having been l…
Garden Show Update - Still Need More Rain
Over the past week, it was great (for some) to see rain make it's way through the area and the State of Michigan. It definitely was not enough to get us out of the drought which continues to become a problem for gardeners and landscapers looking to keep everything looking nice.
Garden Show Update - So Many Samaras!
This may be the sight outside of your windows this weekend. It happens around this time every year if you have or a neighbor to maples and other trees. This year, though, it is much more prevalent.

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