The unincorporated community of Ceresco originated as a post office and railway station along the Kalamazoo River in Calhoun County. The borderline of Marshall Township and Emmett Township cuts right through Ceresco

The town's origins began in 1838 when a sawmill was built along the Kalamazoo River. The following year, a flour mill was erected, and from there, plans were laid for a complete village. The founders decided the town's name should be named after "Ceres", the Roman goddess of harvest. "Co" for 'company' was tacked onto the name, in recognition of the town's flour and grain business.

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In 1843, Ceresco's post office was established and the town grew. The Michigan Central Railroad came straight through town, bringing more travelers, tourists and businesses - a hotel, saloon, and several shops & stores. The nearby White's Station post office had a cheese factory, more mills, and creamery. As with most villages from the 1800's, businesses faded and went away as villagers favored going to bigger cities to shop and do business.

Sadly, the old Ceresco mill dam is gone, which is now a boat launch area.

Today, just drive down any street and it's nothing but houses...but many of 'em are cool, old original houses. You may be able to find a few old stores that have been converted into homes as well.


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