Miles for Memories in Battle Creek keeps finding new ways to help people and families hit by memory loss and dementia.    The latest thing may be the best yet, and they're looking for some volunteers to help improve it.   It'a a GPS Smart watch.

Sharon Zapata of Miles for Memories was a recent guest on the 95.3 WBCK Morning Show with Tim Collins.   She says we have learned a lot from the first GPS pilot program, working strictly with professionals.  Their feedback included comments such as:

  • The accuracy was excellent.
  • The ability to directly call and talk to the loved one was found to be valuable.
  • The water resistant level was high.
  • The battery life was better than expected.
  • The distance alarm was valuable. Meaning if someone went further than a set distance from home an alarm was sent to the caregiver.

But Zapata says it was also quite clunky and it was too easy for buttons to be accidentally hit. Many hoped it would tell time too. Well, the new version does!

Zapata says that for this second GPS pilot they are intentionally looking for caregivers that would live to join us. The second GPS bracelet has all the same benefits and addresses all the complications of the first pilot.   But wait there’s more

  • This one also addresses movement by counting steps and having several movement exercises built in. Which is important for our person with Dementia.
  • This bracelet can store 10 contacts and each can track the person from the updated app on their phone. Photos of contacts are displayed along with the persons name for easier recognition.
  • It can schedule reminders for things too such as time for medications, lunch, or time to call a loved one. The caregiver can call the loved ones GPS bracelet anytime they desire.
  • There’s a quick way to get to the volume.
  • The battery charges by magnetically connecting to a base.

Mile for Memories is also looking for help and input from the community.    Participants who sign up will volunteer through the first week of January 2019 and will need to do a daily GPS check as well as one other function. They'll ll need to track the battery’s charge regularly and more.  There is no cost to you to participate.

Sherii Sherban of Miles for Memories says the cost of these watches is around $170 retail, but the organization will be working on a deal to lower that price.

To ask questions or to sign up call 269-979-1412 ext 305.

Or send us a message to

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