A Benton Harbor schools staff member initiated claims that the Benton Harbor cheer leading squad was assaulted by Battle Creek students. The claim was it happened as the cheerleaders made their way to a bus following a game in Battle Creek last week. The staff member also claimed the squad was heckled throughout the game.

But Battle Creek Public School administrators say they don’t have any indication that assaults took place.  They are backed up by the city police department which did not get any reports of violence.

Battle Creek schools posted a notice on the district Facebook page saying  “The cell phone video that has been shown on TV depicts a police officer helping to escort the team to the bus through a noisy, crowded area. It did not show any physical violence as was claimed.”

Benton Harbor school administrators originally indicated they were investigating the situation and the claims. But Fox 17 is quoting a statement from the Benton Harbor district that it now agrees with Battle Creek, and there is no clear evidence that the claims are true. The two teams meet again on the hard court next year in Benton Harbor.


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