In further proof that Democrats do not believe in the free market and only want the government to run things, the State of Michigan Democratic party wants to create a Prescription Drug Consumer Protection Board.

What would be the goal of the Prescription Drug Consumer Protection Board, well that board of political appointees would want to have influence on how much a private company can charge for their products.

According to a report in the Detroit Free Press this board “would review increases in prescription drug prices and, if they find the price hikes unjustified, ask the Michigan Attorney General to investigate the matter”.

One thing you must know is this board would, at least for now, have no authority to dictate to private drug companies the prices of their drugs.  They do intend to use the power of the Michigan Attorney General’s office to force them though.  They will attempt to impose fines of up to $100,000 per day if they believe they are price gouging.

This board would be comprised of 13 people drawing from consumer advocates, drug purchasers and state department heads.  Sounds like a fair bunch of people to me, now I think it is fair to assume they never started or ran a large company.

House Minority Leader Sam Singh, D-East Lansing, compared the prescription drug board to the Michigan Public Service Commission, which has the authority to review and approve or reject rate increases proposed by the state's public utilities.

One problem State Rep. Singh has with his analogy and it is a big one.  Utility companies have a monopoly and drug companies do not.

How about we create board made up of 13 everyday working citizens called the Michigan Citizens Spend and Tax Protection Board (MCSTB).  This board will determine if the elected Michigan politicians and bureaucrats are spending too much and gouging the citizens with their tax raises and policies.  This board would then have the authority to fine the politicians who voted for increased spending without decreasing spending somewhere else and increases in our taxes that the board felt was gouging.  The politicians who voted in the affirmative would be fined $100 a day until they bring a new vote up and reverse their tax and spending ways.

Sound good to you?  I will submit my nomination to lead this board.

I understand that there are very rare cases in which there appears to be gouging, such as the EPI Pens.  We can investigate those case on an individual basis.

Are you for a Michigan Citizens Spend and Tax Protection Board (MCSTB)?

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