Getty Images By: China Foto Press
Getty Images By: China Foto Press

The president’s EPA just issued new CO2 regulations for heavy trucks.

According to an article I read in the Daily Caller, the EPA’s internal analysis found the new regulations on the heavy trucks “will have little to no impact on global warming over the next 85 years.”

Well these types of changes do take time to have an impact right?  Well read on.

Again in the EPA’s own analysis they determined that by the year 2100 “the global mean temperature is projected to be reduced by approximately 0.0026 to 0.0065°C, and global mean sea level rise is projected to be reduced by approximately 0.023 to 0.057 cm.”

0.0026 are you kidding me!  How much in increased prices of goods that our moved by trucks is this going to cost us?

Who will be most affected by the increased cost, the rich, the middle class, no, the poor will be.  I thought the President and his party cares about the poor?


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