The house above - only 232 square feet - is brand new and just about ready for its occupant. It's Kalamazoo's first legally permitted "tiny house" in the city, the latest project from the Kalamazoo Valley Habitat for Humanity.

The house consists of one large room with a kitchen area, a small loft accessed with a ladder, and a bathroom with a toilet, small sink and shower.

The tiny house is "nearly the same as any Habitat house we build - super energy efficient and durable - just smaller," according to Tom Tishler, construction manager for the project. According to Habitat, the home is the fourth Zero Energy Ready Home built in Michigan. Such homes are built to U.S. Department of Energy high performance standards. That means the home can be fitted with a small renewable energy system and taken completely off the grid.

Habitat said the new owner of the home plans to fit it with solar panels, likely affixed to the angled, wooden accent piece on the front.

Check out the gallery below! Would you go tiny and minimize your housing overhead?


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