Reading about new ballpark food items for 2022 is kind of like going grocery shopping when you're hungry; not a good idea, because you want everything.

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Fingers crossed, but the Detroit Tigers and Chicago White Sox are scheduled to open the 2022 baseball season on Friday, April 8th...with the caveat - "Weather Permitting". But when you do get to the ballpark, either one, Detroit or Chicago, bring some money, but you, my friend, are going to eat good.

Let's start in the 313. The Detroit News says the best new items in the Comerica Park food lineup are Coney Pasties and Gyro Nachos. But in the tweet above..."The Notorious P.I G."? Strap a bib around my neck and call me hungry.

Actually there's going to be a variety of pasties, filled with everything from sausage to pierogi fillings, and sweet apple ones, too. And the News writer says the Fat Rooster chicken sandwich was her favorite. While I love gyros, tzatziki sauce is easy to screw up. We'll have to reserve judgement until we get a taste.

Now heading over to the 312, Guaranteed Rate Field will be serving pretty tasty grub, too.

Those are beer cheese sliders in the White Sox tweet. The Chicago Tribune says there will also be dry rub smoked chicken wings, pretzel wrapped brats, and cheddar pierogis. Also, look for Rainbow Cones. That's a local south side favorite.

Now while you could easily put on five or ten pound in one visit to the ballpark, keep in mind, you'll also be paying major league prices. In other words, probably double digits on the food items and probably in the neighborhood of $15 for craft beers. (Yes, if you're a beer snob, rejoice. But you'll pay for it.)

And think, if both teams are as good as the experts think, this gastronomic display could extend into October. Holy Cow.

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