The new 2020 US Census Report is forcing Michigan to lose one seat in Congress. And one vote in the Electoral College. It’s a big deal. But more than a dozen members of the U.S.House of Representatives aren’t so sure the census numbers are all that accurate.

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They’re jointly sending a letter to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo about the issue. They believe there may have been some inappropriate political interference with the census report. And they are pointing accusing fingers at President Jo Biden and his administration.

None of the Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives signing the accusatory letter are from Michigan. Kentucky Representative James Comer is the ranking member of the US House Oversight Committee. He’s leading the charge.

The Republicans are citing gaps or changes between the Congressional seats some predominately conservative states were earlier projected to win and the now final numbers released last week. They’re also pointing out how preliminary numbers were showing some liberal-leaning states on the brink of losing seats either held steady or picked up seats.

Something just isn't right they’re saying. And their communication to the Commerce Secretary makes it plain they think there’s some slimy political gamesmanship affecting the final numbers.

“Even as President Trump sought to ensure the accuracy of the 2020 Census apportionment results by excluding illegal aliens from the apportionment count, President Biden reversed course, deciding to dilute American citizens’ representational interests by rescinding this commonsense measure. Several liberal states with sanctuary policies may have lost more congressional seats if illegal immigrants had not been included in the apportionment base.”

The Republicans say the Commerce Department runs the show for the every ten-year census. But when initially questioning department staffers about the 2020 numbers, they were referred to the White House. That is adding to their concerns about President Biden’s administration messing with the numbers.

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