The Mega-Millions jackpot was NOT hit over the weekend!

Hit The Big Money
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Which means the Tuesday night drawing will be worth at least $550-million dollars - or over a half-a-billion bucks!!  So I saw an interesting story on Yahoo - the things you'll want to do immediately if you win.  They had a list of legal and financial moves...and ways to set up your family before claiming the prize.

-Okay - realistically....the first thing you're going to want to do - is change your pants.

Now that wasn't a pleasant image was it?    Maybe not pleasant, but probably true!   You know, I'd be more scared that I'd have a heart attack and drop dead before I could ever spend a dime.   

Just in case, on the hideously off chance that the Bird of Paradise flies up your nose, here is the link to the Yahoo article.  I’m curious.  How many of these things would YOU have thought of had you hit the big one?

Leave a comment and let me know.  And good luck.  

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